How Will Your Drains Indicate You That There Is A Blockage? 

Blocked drains can cause many issues. Hence, having a plumber’s number in your contact is suggested to avoid the possibility of you suffering from an unnecessary plumbing issue anytime. Your plumbing line will give you some signs stating that it is time for hiring a plumber.

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Signs of Blocked Drains 

Here are some of the signs indicating the blocked drain in your home.

  • Stagnant Water and Slow Water Flow 

The slow drain of water or the stagnant water in the area are the first signs of pipeline blockage. The blockage can be caused because of the accumulation of unwanted particles on the walls of the pipe, and this reduces the space for easy flow of water. If the space becomes less then the water draining becomes slow and this results in stagnant water.

  • Water Backups 

Water backup is another sign of clogged drain. The prolonged water blockage can result in water regurgitation, and it can compromise the hygienic issue in the concerned area.

  • Growth of the Plant Debris 

Plants start growing in areas where there is leakage or accumulation of wastewater anywhere in the pipeline. This indicates that there is an accumulation of waste in that particular space.

  • Residue 

You will notice scaly and powdery residue near the regions where the drains flow. This is because the water that flows through those drains might be rich in some mineral contents. When you notice such accumulation, it is time to hire the help of a plumbing service.

Blocked Drain Causes 

Here are some of the causes of blocked drains.

  • The built-up of algae, mould, and mildew
  • Loose hair
  • Plant and tree root growth
  • A lodged object such as baby toys and food items
  • Built-up of gas because of the gas pockets
  • Oil and grease

How to Handle the Drain Emergency? 

The best ways of handling the drain emergency are listed below.

  • Avoid the draining of unnecessary substances down the drain
  • Keep an eye on the working of the pipelines
  • Follow the idea of drain maintenance and cleaning regularly
  • Stop the use of the drain with issues till the problem is handled
  • Keep an eye on the quality of water

Doubts and Queries Related to the Blocked Drains 

Here are some of the common queries of people regarding blocked or clogged drains.

  • Is it necessary to hire plumbing help?
  • Can there be something like a quick fix for the drain problem?
  • How to find the best drain maintenance service?

Drain blockage can happen anytime in your house. When this happens, you need help from the best plumbing service to handle the situation. During such cases, the contact information of the plumbing service that you have saved for later can be of great help.