Read To Know How Long CBD Will Stay In Your System

Since, over the last few years, the popularity of CBD has gone sky high many people are trying to use this cannabidiol for treating various ailments. However, the question arises, how long the residue of CBD will remain in our system?

Often CBD has got certain traces of THC, particularly with full-spectrum CBD variety. Therefore, there is a likelihood of a person is ever subjected to any drug test then due to the presence of THC in the blood one may detect positive in the test.

This is certainly a matter of concern as well many of you may have to undergo a blood test when you join any new jobs. If you ever consume any CBD-based product, then prefer to buy from a certain reliable vendor such as Just CBD Store, which is an authenticated source of this product.

There is no simple answer available that will tell you the duration for how long this compound will remain in your system. You have to consider a few variables when you want to know about the duration for which CBD is going to remain in your system.

Some of them can be as follows:

How much you use?

Like any other substances that we consume, what kind of dose have you taken will decide how long CBD is going to stay in your system. The more the dose, the longer it will remain.

How often are you using it?

Also, at what frequency you are using CBD can also determine how long CBD is going to stay in your body. Over a period of time, CBD can build up in your body, if you are using it regularly. Therefore, it is recommended that you must use it for a minimum of a week to check if it really works for you.

However, if you are using it occasionally, then it will clear from your system sooner.

Your body

CBD and a few other substances may affect different people differently. It will depend upon your body mass index, metabolism, water content are just a few of the things, which may influence how long CBD will remain in your system.


Also, what you normally eat, how much do you eat, and at what time you eat matter. Those who take CBD while they are on empty stomach, will get metabolized and also get eliminated faster than if you take CBD on a full stomach.

Method of use

There can be different ways to consume CBD. What method you use can affect everything e.g. duration of effects and also how long will it stay in your body.

There are different forms of CBD available e.g.

  • Edibles
  • Creams and lotions
  • Oils and tinctures
  • Pills and capsules
  • Vaping

If you vape CBD, it will enter your lungs and affect you quickly, and also will leave your body quickly. Tinctures and oils taken sublingually are absorbed into your bloodstream faster and also linger much longer.

Your digestive system can metabolize edible CBD, which may take a while. Lotions and creams will also slowly get into and get out of your body.