How Your Cafe Should Install A Milk Rinser?

Have you ever been to a cafe and seen 100 years’ worth of calcified milk on the machine? This has happened and it can cause your stomach to turn, knowing how much bacteria is underneath. It’s important to remember that we are not hygiene freaks who wear rubber gloves and face masks. We don’t want coffee to cause serious illnesses.

This is the bottom line: Espresso machines that use steam wands must be cleaned after each use. Many people feel too busy to clean the machine and prefer to leave it to someone else. This is unacceptable. Managers and owners should take care to clean the steam wands on their espresso machines. Because the milk froths quickly, it is important to clean the steam wand after each use. The milk can get clogged up and bacteria can be inhaled into fresh milk within hours.

Local councils are increasing their control over steam wand cleaning. They’re also looking for cafes that don’t take enough care when cleaning steam wands. Some steam wands may be coated with copper. A scouring pad can also be used to remove the steel coating. This could pose a health risk. Copper fragments should not be ingested with milk.

All hygiene issues can be solved by wiping down the steam wands after every use with a clean cloth. A paperclip can be used to clear any blocked holes. Even if they are coming off, make sure you clean them daily.

You can clean steam wands with a particular cloth. Clever cafes use a color-coded system to make it legible. For example, the green cloth on the benches are used and the white cloth for steam tools. This is so that the steamer wand won’t be stained by dirty fabric on the bench.

Wipe cloths can be contaminated with bacteria, so wash them well and rinse them every day in bleach or a cleaner.

Coffee Cups

Espresso can stain coffee cups, especially if they are white. In busy cafes, it can be difficult to remove all the grime (which could harbor bacteria). You should soak a portion of the cups overnight in OZO bleaching solutions. To ensure that the cups are properly rotated, soak a new batch of cups each night. Similar steps can be followed for plates and saucers.

The coffee jug rinsers make it possible to clean the milk-steaming containers efficiently during service. To ensure consistency in quality, steaming jugs must be prepared properly.

It is simple, but it is elegant. This process cools and cleans milk jugs. The nozzle star can be pressed onto a milk pitcher. The rinser will spray clean, cool water into the jug. Once the milk has cooled, you can steam it

This innovative invention is much more than a luxury item. This genius invention is worth including in your cafe’s essential equipment, such as a good tamper, mat, quality scales, and milk pitchers.

Cleaning Milk Jugs Is Easier And Faster.

To dispose of milk, you don’t need to return it to the sink. You can quickly wash the milk off by putting it in the rinser.

It’s Cleaner.

Do not pour milk down the toilet. This can lead to blockages and odors. The milk can be left to ferment in a waste bucket for several days.

This makes your operational workflow easier.

Before steaming the milk, cool your pitchers. This will enable you to focus more on the important things, such as coffee.

What Should You Look For In Milk Rinsers?

There are many brands available, each with different prices. The best models aren’t expensive. You can save money by using a simple and inexpensive rinser. We have a wide range of models available that can be used in cafes.