Tips for choosing the right drawer runner

Drawer slides are an integral part of cabinetry furniture. It is important to pay attention to runners when purchasing drawer slides. There are many sizes and styles of drawer slides, so it can be difficult to choose the right one for your cabinet’s drawers. These are five tips to help you choose the right drawer slides.

1. Find out your maximum capacity

It is important to know the maximum weight that runners can support when choosing runners for drawers. This is especially important when you are dealing with kitchen cabinets that house cutlery or dishware. Consider heavy-duty drawer slides if you intend to store heavy items in the drawers. They can be opened and closed quickly and efficiently.

Overloading your drawer runners can cause damage and distortion to the sliding system. These situations can cause damage to the sliding system and force you into replacing the whole runner. An easy way to estimate your intended weight is to measure the drawer’s width. A wider drawer will likely hold heavier items, so it may need a drawer slide that has a high load capacity.

2. Find out which type of slide extension is best for you

Drawer slides are durable and can be used for many years. Before buying a runner, please choose the slide extension option you prefer. The drawer can be extended outwards by installing drawer slides in a cabinet. You can choose from a partial, full, or overtravel extension.

For small drawers with narrow drawers, a partial extension is the best option. You can easily retrieve small items without having to open the entire drawer. If you choose a partial extension, a full-extension runner will allow you to fully open a drawer.

3. Take into account the type and method used to assemble runners

It is a good idea to first consider the type of drawers that you have before purchasing drawer slides. Roller runners are preferred by most people due to their ease of use and low price. These runners are not able to support heavy weights and can only be extended partially, so they’re best for small cabinets.

Ball-bearing runners, on the other hand, have strong materials and components that can support high loads. Many models of ball-bearing runners have gentle drawer closing systems.

4. Find the ideal fixed position

If the drawer has a bottom fixed roll, it is best to attach the ball-bearing slides to the side of the drawer. Otherwise, mount the runner underneath the drawer. It is best to use the correct fitting combination for attaching drawer slides to drawers and cabinets. Use clamps or screws to attach the drawer slide securely to the cabinet.

5. You should look for drawer slides with multiple features

Modern slide designs have many advanced features, such as shock absorption and push to open. Some drawer slides are able to absorb shock from closing drawers and protect the sliding mechanism. Some drawer slides have a push to open feature, which requires you to gently push the drawer open. Once you push the drawer inwards, self-closing runners automatically close it.