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The Content And The Coding

1. The content should be an original piece of work, and the write-up should be original as well unless the page is a showcase for a product.

2. You agree that after the content has been submitted or published on this website, you will not publish it on any other blog, website, or medium. To prevent unnecessary duplication and ensure that we comply with the guidelines set forth by search engines, we require that the content of the website and magazine be unique. You are however free to publish a summary of the article along with a link to the full version of the article.

3. By submitting your information on this page, you grant a-kenwilber.org permission to republish the article on the following umbrella sites: If it is reproduced, the primary purpose for doing so will be to promote the article.

4. The images should be stored in their folder and use the.png file extension. They should have names that are descriptive enough and easy to remember so that it is not difficult to connect them to the article. For example, a picture that discusses JSON in Web API could be given the filename JSON-web-api.png. Take note of the hyphens (-) that are used to separate the words.

5. Before submitting your work, please double-check that it is free of spelling and grammar errors. Ignore any spelling mistakes that are related to the code itself, but make sure that the method names and variables have the correct spelling.

6. Attempt to begin with a section that serves as an introduction, and then wrap things up with a section that serves as a conclusion. You are free to add any additional sections that are necessary. Having an Abstract available for the article is an absolute requirement.

7. If we determine that the article requires significant editorial intervention or contains significant technical inaccuracies, we may ask you to make revisions to it or choose not to publish it right away.

8. There is no strict regulation regarding the length. In contrast, we anticipate the length of magazine articles to be between 500 and 1000 words. Articles posted to websites can be as few as up to 500 words long, excluding any code.

9. Once you’ve decided what your article will be about, please send us the abstract as soon as you can.

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